Truma iNet X System

Increased comfort and safety on the move. The Truma iNet X System with its corresponding operating system is laying the foundation for future-proof, networked and smart vehicles.

A new camping age begins. It will be smart.

Truma has created an open system solution that enables a smart vehicle. Our intelligent operating system is the starting point for this and the key to our technology. Even now, only a single central control panel is required to control various appliances and display status updates. It is also possible to connect filling level sensors and switches, for example for multimedia or lighting. We are also working on intelligent services that can subsequently be added to the system – even after it has been installed in your vehicle. The gradual, highly customer-focused development of our products makes them ever smarter, so that camping becomes safer and more comfortable by the day.

start smart. Driving safely into the future
The key to our new technology is our new operating system. This consists of a panel that can also be controlled via your mobile phone. We’re laying the foundations today so you can travel in a smart camper van in the future.

Be smart. Hop on board
You and all the other campers are leading the way! Together we can find out which products and services offer real added value. To make sure that we can meet your needs and wants, we have intentionally made the Truma iNet X System very customer-centric 

Stay smart. Always one step ahead
Our system solution can be updated and is open to new devices. There will be new developments and functions that can be added on an ongoing basis. You’re buying the future, not just a panel.

Discover the Truma iNet X System and develop the future with us! 
start smart. be smart. stay smart.

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