Truma DuoControl CS

DuoControl CS

Gas pressure regulator with crash sensor for two-cylinder operation

  • Easy to see if the crash sensor has been triggered and easy to reset

  • Shows which cylinder is in use and, consequently, if it is full or empty

  • Automatically switches over from the empty cylinder to the full one

  • Lightweight

  • Quick to install

  • Available as vertical and horizontal versions

More details about the DuoControl CS gas pressure regulator

You can connect two gas cylinders in your motor home or caravan to the new generation of Truma DuoControl CS gas pressure regulators. The system automatically switches over to the second gas cylinder when the operating cylinder is empty. The integrated crash sensor allows you to heat your vehicle safely while you're driving. It prevents gas escaping should you be involved in an accident.

If the crash sensor has been triggered, you can reset it yourself. So that the gas pressure regulator system is ready for operation again quickly, simply press the yellow reset button on DuoControl CS.

The regulator output is 1.5 kg/h, which is suitable for maximum consumption. You don't have to calculate appliance consumption or the flow rate of the gas system.

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